Keynote Addresses

Current and Crucial Issues in Higher Education, Keynote Address at Applied Sciences University, Bahrain, October 2015.

Exploring Educational Leadership for Learning in Practice: The Malta Case, Keynote Address at the International Conference on Leadership in Education, Roma Tre: Universita` Degli Studi, Rome, July 2015.

Quality Assurance: Its Nature and Misconceptions, Keynote Address at the Making Quality Visible: Concluding Conference, NCFHE Malta,  Malta, July 2015.

Equity in Education: Conceptions and Lessons Learnt from the Case of Malta,  Keynote Address at the EPNoSL Conference, Crete, May 2015.

Intercultural Education and Student Engagement: The Challenges of Neoliberal Discourses and Practices, Keynote Address,  Second International Conference on Education for Democratic Citizenship, Marrakech, Morocco, February 2015.

Current Issues in Teacher Education,  Keynote Address, Faculty of Education Malta Conference,  University of Malta, January 2015.

Quality Assurance in Higher Education: A Critical Perspective, Keynote Address, Conference for faculty members organized by Taibah University, Medina, Saudi Arabia, November 2014.

Reflective Practice, Inclusive Leadership, and  Student Engagement, Keynote Address at EPNoSL (European Policy Network of School Leadership) Conference, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, Nice, October 2014.

School Development Plan : Its nature, role, challenges and benefits,  Keynote Address, Principals and Assistant Principals Conference, Ministry of Education, Malta, April 2014.

Student Engagement and Intercultural Education: Beyond Neoliberal Discourses, Keynote Address, Education et Formation, Colloque International,  Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco, April 2014.

Liberal Education as Unfinished: The Case for Robust Social Justice Education, Keynote Address, Inaugural Symposium , Centre of inquiry on Liberal Education and Social Justice, University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto, Canada, February 2014.

Student Engagement and Student Success: Reality or Myth, Keynote Address, Domain Group Education, Malta, January 2014.

Creativity and Innovation: Student Engagement through Critical Democratic Engagement, Keynote Address, PEDARE Conference, Falmouth University, U.K., September 2013.

The Politics of Praxis in Freire, Keynote Panel Presentation, Book Launch Il-Kitbiet ta’ Paulo Freire (Ed. Carmel Borg), , University of Malta, Valletta Campus, 27 June 2013.

Social Justice Education and Psychology, Keynote Panel Presentation, Social Justice Education Conference,  Department of  Applied psychology and Human Development,” OISE, May 2013.

Student Engagement and Intercultural Dialogue, Interculturalism, Counseling and Education Conference, Verona, Italy, April 2013. Invited Keynote Address.

True Student Success: Interrupting the Colonial Cycle in Education, (With Dr. Suzanne Stewart),  Students’ Dean’s Conference, OISE, Invited Keynote, March 2013.

Student Engagement and Democratic Values: Challenges and Possibilities, Keynote Address, “Imagining Education Conference,” organized by Educate Together, Ireland, University of Limerick, Limerick, May 2011.

Leading for Equity In Education: Challenges and Possibilities, Keynote Address, Canadian International Conference on Education, Hart House, University of Toronto, April 2011.

The Challenges and Possibilities of Diversity and Equity in Education: Toward a Curriculum of Life, Keynote Address, International Conference and Exhibition of Knowledge-Based Business, Industry and Education, University College of Bahrain, January 2011.

The Challenges of Equity Work in Education, Keynote Address, Teacher Education Equity Conference, OISE, October 2010.

Myths and Challenges of Democratic Education, Keynote Address, Civics Education Network Conference, University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus, September 2010.

Leading for Social Justice in Neoliberal Times, Keynote Address, London International Conference of Education, London Heathrow Thistle Hotel, London, September 2010.

Challenges to Leading for Equity, Keynote Address, Canadian International Conference of Education, Toronto, ON, May 2010.

The Challenges to Equity in Education, Keynote Address, Annual Conference of TARO, Toronto, ON, April 2010.

The Legacy of the Maltese-Canadian Heritage: Identity, Tensions, and Possibilities, Keynote Address,  Convention of Maltese Living Abroad, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malta, Valletta, Malta, March 2010.

The Challenges and Possibilities of Equity in Educational Leadership, Keynote Address, Leeds Education Local Authority, Leeds, UK, March 2010.

The Legacy of Social Justice in Education, Keynote Address, Investing in diversity, London Centre for Leadership, Institute of Education, University of London, November 2009.

From Theory to Practice: Infusing Equity and Leadership into the Curriculum, Keynote Address, Elementary Teacher Federation of Ontario, October 2009.

Reconstructing Student Engagement and Student at Risk: Toward a Curriculum of Life, invited keynote address, International Leadership Symposium on Equity and Diversity: Building Community, London Centre for Leadership in Learning, Institute of Education, University of London, June 2009.

Policy and Politics of Education: Current Questions and Pressing Issues, Keynote Address, Policy and Politics of Education Post-Conference Symposium, The Congress, Carleton University, Ottawa, May 2009.

Taking Student Engagement Seriously: Beyond Deficit Mentality, toward a Curriculum of Life, Keynote Address, Hamilton Wentworth School Board Annual Conference for School Administrators, Niagara on the Lake, ON, February 2009.

Narratives from Toward an Equitable Education, Keynote Address, Inner City School Conference, Edmonton, Alberta, November 2008.

Embedding Global Citizenship and Equity into Leadership Roles, Keynote Address, Academic Managers’ Meeting, Centennial College, Toronto, ON, October 2008.

Investing in Diversity: Ethical and Pedagogical Justifications, Keynote Address, Investing in Diversity Symposium, London Centre for Leadership and Learning, London Institute of Education, March 2008.

Robust Democracy and Equity in Educational Leadership, invited response to Keynote address by Rosemary Campbell-Stephens, Marva Rollins and Dawn Ferdinand at the “Education in a Global city – Rising to the Challenge” The London Challenge Conference, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, UK, February 2008.

Challenging Neoliberal Myths in Education: Implications for Leadership, Equity and Diversity, invited Keynote Address, Investing in Diversity Symposium, London Centre for Leadership and Learning, London Institute of Education, January 2008.

Neo-liberal practices and policies in education: Dangerous implications for equity, diversity and social justice, Keynote Address, Shades of Brown Conference, York University, Toronto, ON, July 2007.

What do we mean by democratic education? Keynote Address, New Deel (Democratic education and ethical leadership) Conference, Temple University, Philadelphia, February 2007.

The challenges of teacher activism in neoliberal times, Keynote Address, Teacher Activism: Social Justice in Classrooms, Schools, and Communities, OISE/UT Student Services, OISE/UT, December 2006.

Invited keynote response to Are we doing what is best for the children? Towards a radical ethical critique, by Patricia A.L. Ehrensal.  7th Annual Values and Leadership Conference, Toronto, October 2002.

A Critical-Democratic Analysis of the Ontario Qualifying Teacher Test, Keynote Address, Ontario Secondary School Teachers Annual Conference, Toronto, January 2002.

Democratic Education: Critical issues (with Patrick Solomon), Keynote Address, Canadian Education Association Annual General Meeting, Toronto, September 2001.

Fr. Fortunato Mizzi OFM Cap (1880-1945): Ethnicity, Immigration, and the Maltese in Toronto, invited Keynote Address at the American Franciscan Heritage International Conference, Oakland, CA, November 2000.